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Summer On Your Toes


Summer On Your Toes

Last night I finally broke the last rule I was holding firm to this ‘summer’.
I wore boots.
That’s so crap, isn’t it?
It’s July and I’m rocking black opaques and knee boots.

But what the world didn’t see last night, were my spectacular loking tootsies, freshly bedecked in Zoya polish. As you might already know, my hard work beauty levels drop from head to toe. Haircut by Lee Stafford, make up by Emmy Award winning Stila make up artist (and NYC hottie) Roberto Carey, wax by random lady in Worcester Park, pedicure by, well, me.

Zoya polishes are perfect for me. The latest summer range is chock full of fun eighties colours that make your toesies pop, Creamy is fun fluro yellow, Tart is a wild electric blue and Tangy is the coolest metallic lime green you will ever see. Plus you get fab thick coverage with true colour in just one coat.
And so today I braved the crappy weather in flipflops because it just wasn’t fair to keep gorgeous feetsies like mine hidden and lo and behold, the sun is shining! Tomorrow I’m going to do my fingernails too and see if I can’t pick a winning lottery ticket.

Get back to the eighties at and don’t forget to browse all the other fun colours. I recognise metallic lime green isn’t for everyone.

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