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A Few of My Favourite Things… Body Scrubs


A Few of My Favourite Things… Body Scrubs

I am very impatient and can’t wait for the annual round ups of all the best products out there so over the next week or so, I’m going to share some of the top products we’ve sampled together over the last six months.
Am I a giver, or what?

I’m starting with body scrubs because, well, they’re a pretty good place to start. No point have pretty hair and sexy make up if your body feels like an elephant’s jacksy, now is there?

I was really torn on this one as there are so many scrubs I love. The Soap and Glory body scrub is delicious but really quite granular. I do like it on my feet but it’s a bit harsh on more delicate areas. The other products getting an honourable mention are the Dermalogica Scrub I reviewed a couple of weeks ago which is fantastic for legs but has been a wee bit much for my arms and the Clinique Sparkle Skin exfoliator which I like but is almost too lovely for constant use. Would make a gorgeous gift though.

Our winner actually comes in two parts – Bliss’ Hot Salt Scrub for some real hardcore, prevention is better than the cure, genuine dead skin scrubbing bliss. This stuff is not for every day but for a once a week, rub me down until I’m soft as a baby’s bum bum, I CANNOT beat this. It smells divine, all rosemary and eucalyptus and it looks gorgeous on the shelf. Most importantly, it works.
Now, for regular scrubbing, I’ve fallen completely in love with the Bliss Magnolia Body Scrub. It’s delicately scented (and not of M&S Magnolia in case you’re scared of smelling like nan), it foams up softly so it’s safe to use all over and it’s just as moisturising as it is super soft skin revealing.

If you do feel so inclined to treat yourself, get it all from the Bliss website and pick up the Magnolia Body Mousse while you’re there. Oh, and some Lemon&Sage Soapy Sap for your non-scrubbing days. I LOVE that stuff! Wake me up in a bottle.http://0

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