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A Few of My Favourite Things… Tanners and Sparkle


A Few of My Favourite Things… Tanners and Sparkle

Given that the sun us refusing to play this year, tanners have been super important to everyone. Well, everyone except me but hey, I know you want to know more about them…

The best gradual tanner I have ever tried (and ever had feedback on) is the Olay Everyday Sunshine body lotion in light. It doesn’t smell like death and it’s genuinely a light, easy to apply, realistic looking tanner. And hurrah, it’s cheap.

If you’re wanting to go the whole hog, I would really only look at St Tropez. Sure, if you’re dab hand at it or you already have a darker skin tone, you can risk the orangey-hue of EVERY OTHER TANNER I’VE EVER TRIED but I wouldn’t.

If you’re not up for a tan and (like me) are determined to rock the English rose (so that everyone in your office feels bad that you can’t afford a holiday in the sun) then you can always try a hint of shimmer in the evening. I ALWAYS go for BeneFit’s Body So Fine, a gorgeous, lightly sparkly balm that leaves your skin soft, scented and beautiful.

Sigh, now I’m all grumpy thinking about tans again…http://0

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