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A Few of My Favourite Things… Hair


A Few of My Favourite Things… Hair

I don’t like to repeat myself often (makes me grumpy) but the importance of a good haircut CANNOT be under appreciated. Would you buy a cheap crappy coat that made you feel like poop? No, you would not. Would you cut costs on jeans even if they made your bum look like Jabba the Hut? No. So can someone please explain to me why people seem so keen to cut corners on haircuts when you where your hair on your head – your head! – every single day?

I’ve always tried to be faithful to my hairdressers having a good relationship and trusting each other is the only way you’re really going to get what you want out of your mop. Getting my hair cut is one of my absolute favourite things in the world but a bad haircut can be incredibly traumatic so recommendation from someone you trust is essential.
What, you trust me?
Why, I’m oh so flattered… and always ready to give an opinion!

While I’ve only been to Jonny at Lee Stafford, Soho twice, I already feel like I’ve known him forever. Two fun visits, two fab haircuts and several hours of giggling in, I can’t imagine entrusting my hair to anyone else. A good stylist (and Jonny is an amazing stylist!) works in two ways, either taking your ideas and turning them into something fab that really suits you, or, if you really don’t know what you want, their ‘stylist sense’ kicks in. It’s a slightly sneaky way of listening to your waffle and then creating a haircut based on your personality and needs.
It’s a bit like Spidey Sense except you come out of it with lovely hair rather than a web.

I really can’t say enough nice things about Jonny or the lovely Lee Stafford so if you’re in London, Brighton or Oslo (no, really) you could do so much worse than popping your head round the door and finding out what they could do for you.

Sod it, make a day of it and come to London. Topshop Oxford Circus is nary ten minutes away!http://0

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