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MAC Attack


MAC Attack

You know how I feel about MAC, right?
Same way most women feel about the idea of a half nekkid Brad Pitt and a pile of slowly melting Ben&Jerry’s. Sorry, lost my train of thought for a moment.

Anyways, MAC have team up with Eve to do some quite frankly, frickin amazing make up for her new video.

The C-Shock collection is limited edition and on counters now. Please for the love of God, go, play and see how fab you can look in colour. If there’s anywhere to find that out what colours suit you, it’s at the MAC counter.

They say:
Voraciously vivid.
Brazenly bright.
Clearly colourful.
A collection designed specifically for the bold, the bad, the wildly daring.
Create a palette: pick three to add dash, two to clash…or select just one!
See how it electrifies your look. With colour this hyped, there is no room for fashion wimps, style-wusses or the tine-timid. High-energy, shade-power unlimited in lipsticks, lipgelees, and eye shadows.
If colour is your thing, don’t be shy.

I say:
Style-Wusses? Style-WUSSES?

I’m literally fighting my way to the MAC counter to defend my cred with some of these amazing shades, particularly the eye colours. I have a warm tingly feeling about the Wondergrass (Intense kiwi green), Big T (Intense aqua with green pearl) and Bang On Blue (Royal blue with pink pearl) and all for a tenner each!

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