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Unforgivable Woman: Ain’t no party like a Sean John party…


Unforgivable Woman: Ain’t no party like a Sean John party…

As a member of the esteemed beauty press (ahem) I was recently invited to the launch of Sean John Unforgivable Woman perfume. Despite a no show from the grate (purposeful typo, peeps, can’t stand his tunes but I seemed to be alone in that sentiment. My BeautyMecca buddies love him) man himself, it was a bloody good party.

Hiding away in a cool new private member club in London, the cocktails and champagne were flowing, the music was fab and the lights were dim.
What more could a girl ask for? More canapes?
Hush your mouth and don’t be so ungrateful.
We’re beauty-types, not feeders.

The vibe was total minxishness. Everyone (almost, tut) had adhered to the all black dress code, various hotties were wandering round spritzing the scent, passing out drinks and canapes, a short film of Diddy doing the nasty with a sultry brunette played on plasma screens and there was an entertaining ‘readers’ wives’ tape playing on a loop in the toilets… Also, we were all supposed to give up our Unforgivable moment – weirdest confessional I’ve ever been to – and I put my hand up now. It was BeautyLover that put ‘looking at the waiters’ bottoms’.
I was drinking and they were at eye level…
Dirty P Diddy.

Anyway, I know you’re all dying to hear about the perfume so here goes…
After a complete flood of celebrity endorsed perfumes from the sublime to the ridiculous (Shilpa Shetty? Colleen McLoughlin? JADE GOODY?) this one is actually a bit of a relief.

Gorgeously simple bottle and a really deep, sophisticated scent, there’s actually a whiff of class about it rather than a perfume that reeks of a cash-in. Apparently it is ‘A breathtaking combination of creamy, floral, warm and luscious notes’ with a special emphasis on Pina Colada. Well, there was definitely emphasis on the Pina Coladas we were all knocking back on the night.

No doubt, it’s very much a sexy nighttime statement scent but I kind of like it. As a rule, most perfumes smell a little bit like wee on me (acidic skin ph, ‘mare) and the top notes on this weren’t great for me but on my buddy, and everyone else in the club, it smelled divine.

Word of advice, let it warm up for a while or so before you leave the house, the base notes are really where the money is or should I say, where the Benjamins are.
No, probably not.

Unforgivable Woman goes on sale across the country in September.
SRP £35 for 75ml and £48 for 125ml.http://0

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