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A Few of My Favourite Things… Lips


A Few of My Favourite Things… Lips

I’ve got to end this today because I recognise we could cover old ground forever and every time I delve into my make up bag, I go ‘ooh, I didn’t do bronzers’ (I’d go either Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess or Clinique Uplighting Fluid for everyone, Benefit Dallas for pale ladies) ‘I didn’t do styling products’ (I like Bedhead or Lee Stafford) I didn’t do facial scrubs (Estee Lauder Idealist Thermal Scrub or MD formulations), treatment masks (Mud, Bliss Triple Oxygen or Elemis Exotic Moisture) etc, etc…

I think lip products are really down to personal choice. I love a gloss because I don’t like a really dense colour on my lips and I’m pretty low maintenance at reapplication. If I do need colour and I need it to stay, I love MAC Pro Longwear Lipcolour. It’s the same thinking as Max Factor Lipfinity but I find it less drying and it has a truer colour. Persist is my favourite, a lovely soft peachy pink.

Having just had a quick peepo at my
make up bag, MAC is coming out really well on lipcolours. I’m constantly within grabbing distance of my Tendertones lipbalm, I adored my Barbie loves MAC lipstick and for about a month, I wore nothing but Overrich lipstick, a soft metallic coral with a lightly frosted finish. Yum.

Aside from my lovely MAC products, you will always find five things in my handbag:
Mobile Phone
Oyster Card
Stila Lipglaze

It doesn’t matter what colour it is – Fig, Raspberry, BerryMint, MelonMint, Strawberry, Fruit Punch or Passion Fruit, I don’t like to be too far away from a lipglaze at anyone time. In fact, let me take a picture…

Don’t laugh, I know it’s a mess.
But you can see my point – lipbalm, Tendertones pot (with the black lid) and lipglaze (it’s sugar plum btw)

Seriously though, lips are really an area where you can afford to go really crazy – it just wipes off, right?! So try and many colours as you like and spend as little or as much as you can afford. Just don’t forget to moisturise (lips have no oil glands!) with your fave lip balm. My top pics would be Rosebud Salve, Creme de la Mer or good old Vaseline.

We’ve praised Vaseline enough on these pages though, I don’t want to go getting a reputation…http://0

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