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Three steps to having a crappy day…
1. Get sunburnt on the first sunny day of the year, therefore condemning yourself to jeans for over a week.
Of sunshine.
2. Put your crappy, watery moisturiser on ten minutes before you have to leave the house then try and wriggle into skinny jeans.
3. Go to work (full stop actually) with jeans cemented to your legs, sunburn itching and peeling, jeans hovering three inches below your crotch but you can’t pull them up because you BLOODY CEMENTED THEM TO YOUR LEGS WITH MOISTURISER.

Three steps to having an amazing day…

1. Moisturise your wonderfully non-burnt legs with AMAZING laidbare Organic Shea Butter
2. Smile peacefully as you massage in the rosehip, avocado and carrot oils that make up this miracle skin softener.
3. Slip on a weather appropriate wisp of a sundress and bask in the compliments elicited by your fabulous skin that literally begs to be touched, so soft, silky and scented is it.

Guess which kind of a day I’m having?

I recommend you improve your own day by purchasing the laidbare miracle cream from, Selfridges, Fenwicks or Whole Foods. Seriously though, a very hot boy told me I smelled ‘amazing’ yesterday and all I was wearing was this skin-softening wonder. He was gay but hey, I’ll take it where I can get it.

Ooh, and if you go to Whole Foods, could you get me a brownie?http://0

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