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Ho ho ho and a merry August…


Ho ho ho and a merry August…

In the merry old land of, well, most industries, we are not able to enjoy the fact that the sun has got his hat on today. Instead, we are all holed up preparing for the ‘Most Wonderful Time of the Year’ (TM and (c) Disney Corp):

Yes indeedy, every job I’ve EVER worked has basically involved me hearing jingle bells constantly from mid-July and the heady world of slap is no different. I’m sure you imagine BeautyMecca towers to be a polished pristine world of fabulous samples, fabulous furnishings, and sleek Mode magazine style glamazons who spend months planning each post, every single one plotted to the nth degree by thousands of copywriters and producers, for it is a product of much shiny beauty.
And not at all cobbled together by moi, keeping everything crossed that I manage to bang out a couple of hundred words before I pass out in front of QVC.
It’s the first one, honest.

But seriously, everything that pops up in our favourite mags has been planned for MONTHS. At least three months in advance anyway – how scary is that? For the last two weeks, the beauty world has had mince pies coming out of it’s ears (Origins even had snow) and Christmas carols piped out of it’s, well, it’s been a bit Christmassy.

When I ventured into the world of beauty, press launches were one of my favourite things. So many pretties, all in one place and all vying for my attention. Sometimes, like at the Sean John launch, a super special pretty gets an event all of it’s own. Often, they have to share the spotlight. In the last two weeks, I have seen everything from a £1000 Bobbi Brown Train Case and a £500 pot of Creme de la Mer to an electric spot zapper and a perfume by… Mariah Carey. And do you know what was the most shocking of all these things?
Mariah Carey’s perfume is gorgeous.

From the end of September, once a week I’ll be looking at a Beauty-Full Christmas (see what I did?) and all the presents you might buy for all the beautistas in your life, from your little sister and your best mate right through to your man, gran and postman. Okay, not your postman but it was alliterative and I liked it. If there’s anyone particularly tricky that you have to buy for or you have any top tips on Christmas beauty shopping (my three favourite words in one sentence! Aside from Brad, Ben and Jerry’s…) then drop me a line at

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