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The Sun Has Got His Hat On…


The Sun Has Got His Hat On…

Hip, hip, hip hooray!
And since Senor Sun (he’s spanish btw) has popped out to see us, I’m going to
b) talk about stay in place eyeshadows for this weekend.


Now that’s out the way, here are my top takes on stay in place shadows.
Almost ANY shadows can be made to sit the hell still with a slick of BeneFit’s FYEye. It really is brilliant and the first primer product to sway me from my (very strongly held) cynicism. I tried it once in Vegas about five years ago and as you know, what happens in Vegas is supposed to stay in Vegas. Except this didn’t, it totally came home with me and I was importing pots for years before BeneFit had the good sense to bring it over to the UK.
Happy days.

Alternatively, if you want to swipe and go, I am crushing big time on Estee Lauder’s Double Wear Stay In Place Shadow Stick. It’s fabulous and comes in lots of interesting colours. It’s sheer enough for a lovely daytime was of colour but can be built up into something more impactful for evening.

My suggestion would be go for the limited edition Silver Pearl for the daytime and then add some Black Pearl and Double Wear Zero Smudge Liquid Liner for definition in the evening. Estee Lauder was my first ever premium cosmetic purchase and I’ve always had a nostalgic smile for the counter as I wandered past but just recently, I’m falling in love all over again. The new collections are amazing. If you’re super lucky, I’ll present in full next week.

You lucky pups. Now go out and enjoy the sunshine WHILST WEARING SUNSCREEN!


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