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What’s in the Bridesmaid Bag, BeautyLover?


What’s in the Bridesmaid Bag, BeautyLover?

Okay, it’s a big day. I’ve posted a picture of myself.
Please don’t judge me until you’ve walked a mile in this red bridesmaid dress, outside, where people can totally see you and everything.

Also, please note that this was taken at the reception so it’s post super ceremony make up but but pre-evening do touch up…
And be gentle.

What’s your signature make-up product and how does using it affect your mood?
For a bridesmaid look, it’s all about looking groomed, polished and good in photos but not upstaging the bride. So for this look, it was MAC eyeliner in Prunella, a soft pruney brown that emphasises the eyes but doesn’t scream for attention.

A beautiful boy is on the approach and you only have time to apply one product – what is it?
Well, if it was Mr BeautyLover, I’d steer clear of the lipgloss because he’s not keen and go Creme de la Mer lipbalm. Eyes were the focus on this look and he likes that it smells like mint choc chip ice cream. And yeah, yeah, this is Mr BeautyLover. Laugh at his tan next to my Vampirella like complexion then go to hell.

Out of every product in this look, what was the most essential?
Primer, face and eye. Weddings are loooonnng and you have heaps to do as a bridesmaid and not always time for a proper touch up. I used Clinique Cityblock spf 40 as a make up base and BeneFit FYEye on my eyes and nothing moved all day long, even after my, ahem, 6.50 – 7.25 nap. What am I, fifty?

So the bag…
As I’ve already said, primer is everything to a bridesmaid (or bride!) so get yours on and give it a couple of minutes to rest before you start layering slap over it. I recommend the Clinique Cityblock because it has a high spf, meaning you don’t have to add another oily layer after your moisturiser. Remember you’re most probably going to be spending time outdoors, so an spf is a must.

I recommend a tinted moisturiser rather than a heavy foundation. Foundation will wear and could look too much in pictures, try and go as light as you dare with coverage and set with pressed powder. I used Creme de la Mer tinted moisturiser, BeneFit It Stick concealer and Prescriptives Magic Liquid Powder and only had to touch up once before piccies (BeneFit Get Even for a neutral toned pressed powder that doesn’t look overdone).

On my cheeks, I just tried to breathe some natural colour into my skin that wouldn’t clash with my dress. I went for Stila Convertible Colour in Gerbera as it’s the most natural colour on my skin but BeneTint is another great option if you want something that will stay put all day. Over that, I dusted Georgia powder to sparkle and set but not shimmer too much – the cameras HATE High Beam!

All the focus on my look went on my eyes because a) I knew they would need way less touching up than a strong lip look and b) because in twenty years time when I look at my friend’s wedding photos, do I really want to contemplate whether or not my lippy is working? Soft smokey eyes ALWAYS work.

I started with FYEye and then used Stila colours on top. I built up a base of Cloud, a neutral shimmery taupe that I wear practically day in, day out. Along the lashline, I used MAC Prunella pencil for definition and to intensify the whole thing slightly, I worked Espresso into the crease and upper and lower lashlines. To highlight, I dotted Sun onto the middle of my eyelid and into the inner corners then blended like crazy with a fat eyeshadow brush. On my lashes (because I knew I would cry!) I went for id Bare Minerals Everywear Mascara.

For lips, I kept things really simple with Stila Plumping Lipglaze in BerryMint, a really, really sheer pink.

To wake things up in the evening, I added some shimmery Stila Antique Silver Kajal Pencil.

My basic advice to anyone planning make up for a wedding, whether you’re the bride, bridesmaid, mother of the bride, cousin of the caterer or school friend of the groom’s best friend’s milkman, just bear in mind that you WILL be photographed and these photographs WILL be around for a very long time. This is not the time to experiment with pop art Lily Allen eyes or red lips. Go for something classic you’re comfortable with or a slightly more dramatic version of what you always wear for a special occasion, that way, your kids will recognise you in the pictures. And if you are the bride or even bridesmaid, I’d do at least one test run and photograph it so you know it won’t scare children on the day but will show up on camera.

As a side note, I’d just like to apologise to the wonder that is Jonny at Lee Stafford for what they did to my hair – they didn’t manage to get my hair into a French Pleat but they did put it through hell with METAL straighteners and the world’s ickiest silicone shine spray. I’m still deep conditioning now…

And just so the rest of you know, my hair is usually able to move.


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