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Fiesta, Forever…


Fiesta, Forever…

Oh Lord, heavenly father hear my plea.
Grant us thy mercy and let it not tip it down this weekend and next weekend.
Tis the hallowed fortnight of festivals – V and Carling Weekender – and we beauty types are already up against it with the lack of showers and appropriate leg shaving facilities…
Preferably keep it dry next weekend if you have to choose because I’m going to Reading, cheers.
Should God decide not to listen to my please for any number of (completely understandable) reasons, I’m going to offer up my top tips for remaining passable at a festival. Today we’ll look at hair, tomorrow, cleansing and on Friday, we’ll work on the make up.

Despite the fact you’ve packed a towel, we both know you’re not going to wash in those showers more than once, so hair is your first problem. Wash on the morning you leave and you should be good for at least days one and two if you can steer clear of styling products. A friend of mine always straightens before she goes as it dries her hair out – canny! Not advisable but when needs must…

If you’re headed to Reading on Thursday, that leaves you in quite the predicament for Saturday to Monday. Saturday, try using dry shampoo and an alice band. The roots will get greasy first so soak that up with Lee Stafford Oily Roots spray then scrape it all back with the band.

On Sunday, you’re fighting a losing battle so I would either:
Don a hat and hope for the best
Do a Britney and rock a wig
Go for this season’s hot heidi style plaits

Part your hair down the middle and separate into two pigtails. Plait each one from just behind your ear, bringing it round so ti sits tight to your head. Now coil the plaits together or in any artistic fashion that takes your fancy and pin to the nape of your neck. Ta-da! And since your hair is so rank, this should hold until you get home on Monday.

Alternatively, if you’re going to V or Leeds festival, you can spoil yourselves stupid at Powder Room Trailers, officially the best idea ever. These portable salons mean you can get your hair WASHED, have a mini facial or even get a mani pedi! Think of these brave girls going near trench foot after three days of festivaling…

And pity me, the sad beauty dependent moose who is going to the only festival they aren’t attending.http://0

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