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Down, down, deeper and down…


Down, down, deeper and down…

Continuing on yesterday’s festival tip, today we’re looking at how you stay clean during a mudbath.
And not the good dead sea kind…

Assuming the festival facilities will be limited at best and that you’re saving space in your rucksack for booze, cereal bars and Kate Moss-esque festival garb (the cow has a lot to answer for. It’s her fault i’m taking three pairs of hot pants, Hunter wellies and a lurex jumper with me this year), we’re looking at speedy, easy, cleansing with an eye on space saving, portable packaging.

First things first, if you can, get a leg and underarm wax.
There is nothing worse than day three prickly festival ankles poking out of footless tights.
For me to have to look at.

With that off my chest, now, the packing. The majority of your beauty bag should, and I will never get tired of banging on about it, be taken up with sunscreen. As high as you can go for the face, at least spf 25 for the body. You’re going to be outside all day, remember. I’ll be going DDF complexion enhancing sunscreen so I don’t need to worry about foundation (more on that tomorrow) and a good moisturing sunscreen for all. Nivea’s spf 30 is good.

Now onto cleansing. You. Will. Need. Wipes. Lots of wipes.

I’m taking Olay Daily Facials for my face, Johnson&Johnson baby wipes for all over (they’re bigger than most deo wipes and more gentle) and Dove deo wipes just in case things get really stinky. I’ve also bought a couple of mini spray bottles from Superdrug to decant my favourite Trilogy Hydrating Mist Toner. Most of the time, I use a rinse off cleanser and skip toner but you will be really grateful for the extra freshness this baby provides. Plus it’s packed full of gorgeous lavender, rose and geranium so even if the weekend ends up a skank-filled crap-fest, you can have a smile on your face.

Along with your wipes and toner, pack as many tissues as you can carry, for wiping off wipe residue, cleaning your hands and well, you can guess what else you might need them for. And despite what your crusty friends might say, deodrant is everyone’s friend, even when you’re living in a tent. Go for something long lasting like Mitchum or, be super kind to the environment (and my nose) and go for Crystal Body Deodrant Spray. It’s aluminium free and comes in a handy dandy pump dispenser… plus you can use it to deodorise stinky trainers and wellies.

Moisturiser-wise, I would pack a great allrounder that you won’t miss should the worst happen. Clinique’s Continuous Rescue Antioxidant moisturiser is perfect. It’s in a tube so it’s portable, it’ll help repair (and prevent) some of the damage from extended sun exposure and ahem, alcohol consumption and it comes in three variants – perfect for every skin type. It does need an spf over the top though.

Not strictly a beauty tip, but I would also take some hand sanitizer. Use it before you touch your skin and every time you eat. You SO don’t want to be getting a tummy bug with those toilets… But pack some Immodium just in case.http://0

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