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Makebelieve it’s Summer


Makebelieve it’s Summer

You all know I’m not a big fan of fake tans but this summer has been SO TRAGIC, I’m now officially open to trying to convince myself I’m in California any way possible.
And so, I’m using again… I know, I’ve tried to stop but I just keep going back on the stuff.

According to the press release, makebelieve is a new-generation of self-tan, working with your own skin tone to give a natural streak-free colour.

Hmm, sounds good. But wait! There’s more!

Not only does makebelieve deliver a great natural looking tan, but the range has a three-in-one, tanning, toning and moisturising action. The makebelieve patented Lipo Care Complex helps combat cellulite, and tones and firms the skin, whilst the unique Rainforest Blend of ultra-moisturising oils keep your skin silky soft.

Oooh! Rainforest! That sounds nice?

However, the most surprising thing about makebelieve is the smell – goodbye to the pong of burnt biscuits – makebelieve contains fruit extract, jojoba and coconut, and smells GREAT!

The most shocking thing of all is that this is ALL TRUE. I had a crack at the Self-Tan Lotion and it was genuinely lovely. Sean John, if you’re listening at all, THIS is what a Pina Colada smells like. Mmmm. And it was really, really moisturising. After a good couple of hours, you do start to get a whiff of the chemicals as they kick in, but it’s not too bad at all. Much nicer than most self-tan products.

And bugger me, if my legs weren’t golden and streak-free in the morning… Yes, even mine. They don’t look orange, they aren’t weirdly gravy stained and they’re pretty evenly coloured.

Wow, at last I’ve found a fake tan to believe in.

The makebelieve range includes:
Self Tan Lotion – £30
Airbrush Bronzer – £30
Gradual Self Tan – £25
Night Time Facial Self Tan – £25
Winter Glow Facial Self Tan & Barrier Cream – £25
Quick Fix Cleansing Wipes – £7

And is available at Boots, John Lewis, Fenwicks & Selfridges. For further information log onto


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