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Secret to Happiness


Secret to Happiness

When the weather is skank-tastic like today, you’ve got to find away to make yourself smile.
One of my favourite ways to get my chin up is to stay in bed and watch Buffy re-runs until I’ve blinded myself and then soothe the blindness with Ben&Jerry’s Phish Food. Not always an option, okay.

If you really have to leave the house, I recommend layering up your favourite scents and surrounding yourself with joy all day long. For me, an ideal day would go a little bit like this…

Shower with Bliss Lemon and Sage Soapy Sap or Magnolia Petal Polish to remind me of happy times in NYC. The super cool W hotels stock the soapy sap in their bathrooms and I took the petal polish with me in June. Having said that, it does also remind me of the The Worse Hangover Known to Man as well. Might stick with the Lemon and Sage

Once out of the shower, I’d go for Oil of Olay. It always reminds me of my grandmother who swears by the stuff. Given, she never had Creme de la Mer but I love the smell of the classic beauty fluid so much.

For perfume, I’d spritz with Clinique Happy to remind me of my trip to Vegas with one of my best buds. So much fun.

To make it through the day, I’d keep Urban Decay lipgunks in Hot Pants and Big Bang close by. Hot Pants is a gorgeous shiny pink that tastes like sweeties and Big Bank is a glitter packed sheer fuchsia that reeks of cinnamon. Or actually, given the times it reminds me of, After Shock.

Since I’m in such a good mood, I’ll clearly be going out for a drink, so I’ll shower myself in a spray of YSL Babydoll Paris. I love fragrance and usually have three or four on the go but Babydoll was the first adult purchase (even it doesn’t sound it) that I made myself and I have very happy memories of people asking me what it was and specifically one of my major crushes (turned out to be gay three years later, sob) loved it.

Ahh, and now it’s bedtime, so I’m slathering on L’Occitane’s lavender handcream. Mmm, lavender, my old lady secret shame that reminds me of a lovely trip to the Norfolk lavender farms when I was wee.

See, I’m clearly super cool. Lavender farms and Oil of Olay, rock on.

In order to redeem myself, I have to remind you I’m off to prostrate myself before the gods of rawk at Reading from tomorrow so there won’t be any new posts until Tuesday. Try and get by without me or at least, don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.

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