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Hot Hot Heat


Hot Hot Heat

Have you ever had one of those conversations with your friends that sounds suspiciously like it was scripted by the good people behind the Picture Loans adverts?

Well, I was recently lucky enough to ‘come into possesion’ of some Lee Stafford straightening irons, and given my previous with Mr Stafford (I may or may not have intimated that we were having an affair. Mr Stafford’s lawyers, stand down, tis all in my fevered imagination) I decided to pass them on to an objective tester.

The conversation that followed went more or less exactly like this.

J (the tester): You know those Lee Stafford straightening irons you gave me?
Beauty Lover (me): I do.
J: They’re shitloads better than your GHDs.
BL: Yeah, course they are…
J: No really, they get hotter faster, you can vary the heat, they’ve got these floating plate thingies and you can do curls dead easy too. Oh, and they’re a bit pink!
BL: (slightly huffily) My GHDs are pink.
J: Yeah, but these are a nice pink, not that Pepto Bismol baby sick pink you’ve got.
BL: Oh.
J: And they have a heat mat that you can wrap around them so I won’t burn the carpet.
BL: Like I did?
J: Like you did. AND they turn themselves off if you leave them on… la la la la la la

At this point I tuned out because I couldn’t quite cope with the idea that I had handed over the best freebie ever.
A heat mat!
A self-turn off function!
And they’re HALF the price of GHDs – £48 and they’re yours.

I’ll see you down at Boots from September to snag a new set.
Damn it.


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