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Splish splash, I was taking a bath…


Splish splash, I was taking a bath…

I’m in a right old grump of a mood.
The weather is shat again, I swear I’ve put on a stone (how? how?) and I’m super poor.
But how to rectify this crappiness?

Welcome to the wonders of the bath.
Seriously though, is there anything better in the whole wide world?
I love my bath so much. The rest of the house can go to complete shit as long as I know I can pull back the white waffle shower curtain and fill up the tub. The best bit is, my bathroom window opens into the garden so I can have the window open and mock the cat. She is very confused by the bath. It is her idea of hell.

As an avid bath fan, I have hunted high and low for bath related goodness – bathroom candles, bath pillows, bath bombs, bubble baths, putty soap, bath pearls, bath oils, bath fizzers – seriously, I’ve tried them all. But at the moment, in this time of supreme grumpiness, I’m addicted to Floracologie Lie Back in Lavender bath soak.

You all know how I feel about lavender right? Warm and tingly? Yep, well, this really does the job. It’s a gorgeous blend of lavender, dill, arimony, white chestnut, heather, vervain and oak, and as you slip into the bubbles, your brain just switches off. Delish. Plus all of Floracologie’s products are free from mineral oils and synthetic fragrances, hurrah. And to make matters even better, there are matching body wash, body scrub and body cream products and if you’re weird and don’t like lavender, go crazy with Rose! The flower, not a person, btw.

To quote Floracologie directly: The blends of Bach Flower Remedies and Essential Oils have been carefully handcrafted and prescribed to benefit your mood and emotional outlook.

To quote me: Ahhhhhhhhhh, that is sooooooooo nice. Now can I still reach that bar of Galaxy without getting out of the bath?

Hmm, maybe that’s where the extra stone came from.

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