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What’s in the Bag Claire Becker?


What’s in the Bag Claire Becker?

Today’s gorgeous guinea pig is the lovely Claire Becker. Not only is she the owner of a bag of glam goodies, Claire is a former beauty therapist so watch out for definite performers in her bag!

What’s your signature beauty product and how does using it make you feel?
Dr. Harnik Stop Puffy Eyes: Most days when I wake up I have big puffy swollen bits under my eyes, and I’m really conscious of looking like I haven’t slept in weeks/ had a fight with Mike Tyson. I keep my Dr. Harnik Stop Puffy eyes in the fridge, get back into my bed after a shower and gently pat and massage it under my eyes. It is so cooling and soothing and after a few minutes I can feel the swelling going down. It also helps me to wake up and feel revived for my day at work

A beautiful boy is on the approach and you only have time to apply one product – what is it?
Trilogy Intensive Lip treatment. Most men don’t really like girls with loads of make up and lip gloss on, they like them too look natural and seeing as lips are usually the main focus point when you talk to someone, I think this natural organic treatment really hydrates dull and chapped lips whilst subtly plumping out fine lines and looking glossy, natural and above all, kissable.

What is your favourite beauty product ever – current, classic or, sob, discontinued?
Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Rose. This is a bit too much for day wear but a quick sweep on your cheeks at night really highlights your cheekbones and makes you look glamorous and glowing. I also love that you can use the different shades in the brick as eyeshadows, I like the pearlised finish which make your eyes look really awake… Classic.

And the bag?
24 Hour Eyeliner by Colorsport: Easy to apply eyeliner with a soft felt tip type nib. Glides on easily and literally does not budge until you remove it with make up remover. Great for nights out partying and swimming on holiday, no need to struggle to keep your head above water any more girls.

Benetint by Benefit- looks scarily red in the bottle but looks like a natural flushed glow when applied to cheeks. Also works wonders on pale lips without looking like your wearing anything and smells of roses to top it all off.

Dr. Harnik Dark Circle duo corrector: When I’m tired it really shows underneath my eyes. As a previous beauty therapist I have tried most of the concealers on the market and I can honestly say that this is the best I have tried. It has a yellow concealer to correct bluish tones and then a beige cream-to-powder concealer to create an even flawless finish. It is waterproof and contains Aloe Vera to soothe.

Mac Plushglass lipglass: I love lip plumping glosses, but I hate the burning feeling they create and I think you will find my boyfriend agrees! This one is refreshingly tingly, and makes your lips look and feel instantly fuller. Great colour ranges, I love the bright pink ones, they look really girly and fun.

Rimmel Recovery foundation: I have a lot of freckles on my face and when I wear foundation I still want them to show through instead of trying to hide them, this foundation is light and hydrating, whilst having subtle light reflective particles to make my face look dewy and fresh.

Hurrah for freckles! Hurrah for Claire Becker!


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