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Cleansing 101


Cleansing 101

Good morning class.
Today we will be starting with the Beauty School basics – cleansers.
Do I sound like a proper teacher? No? Oh.

Anyhoo, in the interests of passing our exams, I’ve been testing some new cleansers and heeeeerrrrrrrre are my pick of the bunch!

Origins Clean Energy Cleansing Oil
There’s been heaps of buzz about cleansing oils for a couple of years now but I think most peeps are still a bit wary – oil + skin = bad, right? Well, that sum is wrong. The lovely, lovely Origins oil is absolutely fab. For a tip top but ultra soothing cleanse, massage the oil into dry skin, then massage in some warm water to create a lovely milky cleanser. Then wash off with a warm washcloth (aka flannel). It’s chocka with lovely ingredients, all of which are non-comedogenic – sunflower, olive, sesame, safflower oils to cleanse, kukui nut, macadamia and vitamin E oil to moisturise and grapefruit, orange and lime to refresh your senses. Yum.
My only downer with this was pouring it out of the bottle, I am super clumsy, but once I got used to it, we were fine.

Clinique Take the Day Off Cleanser
If you like a traditional cream cleanser, I love Clinique’s Take the Day Off. It really, really removes every last trace of make up and dirt (sometimes make up left by other cleansers not lucky enough to be named here!). It’s not going to mess with your skin in anyway, is widely available and it’s pretty purple!

Trilogy Cream Cleanser
If you like the effect of a cream cleanser but prefer to wash off with water, I’ve got the perfect balancing act for you. Top of the class is Trilogy Cream Cleanser. Not only is it beautiful to look at and smells amazing, it contains certified organic rosehip oil and other nutritious goodies such as evening primrose oil, jojoba, almond and carrot oil to soften while it cleanses. Yummy. Plus it’s sulfate free (they use orange blossom instead!) so it won’t upset delicate skin. Massage the luxurious cream on and rinse off with warm water.

REN Mayblossom and Blue Cypress Facewash
I know we’ve covered this a million times but really, I just keep on coming back to it. Ideal for combination skins, whenever I’m having a hormonal/stress/hangover/POST-READING skin freak out, I turn to this. It’s REN, it’s lovely, please buy it.

Aaaaand, pens down.

See you tomorrow for Chemistry class!http://0

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