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High School Beautiful


High School Beautiful

As you all know, I am a complete child and therefore, I practically wet myself at the chance to go to the High School Musical 2 premiere last Sunday.

I love High School Musical. It’s a dirty, marketing wet dream, fresh out of the sinister labs of Disney, created by a million marketers, working at a million macs for a million days but boy, it sure is catchy.

Bucking the trend of usual US school-based shows, the kids in HSM are more or less that, kids, so I was really excited to see what they’d wear. This is Disney sanctioned good clean fun after all.

Or didn’t you get that memo, Olesya Rulin?

In the movie, Olesya plays a tomboyish musician so she’s clearly trying to point out that in fact, she is a feminine laydee. I love the hot 40s look for winter – it’ll be all over your Christmas parties (and your face by the end of the night) but doesn’t it look a little much on someone so young? Add in the fact that the premiere was on a Sunday afternoon and that the skintight, wet look dress was backless and we’ve definitely got a ‘uh-oh’ rather than a ‘hell, yeah!’.

Ashley Tisdale, resident HSM bee-hatch Sharpei Evans, (and everyone’s favourite) looked super pretty.

I loved her swept up hair and smokey eyes but I would have added a little bit of colour to her lips, she’s got a touch of the morgue about her and not in a good way. It might look okay at a glamorous night do, but again, too much for Sunday afternoon.

Now, you’ve all probably seen a very different picture of Vanessa Hudgens doing the rounds this week (ahem, but seriously, if she’s going to continue to knock it out of the park like this, I’d rather see her with her clothes, and make-up, on.

This isn’t a perfect pic but she looked radiant, messy but elegant and immaculately made up. Perfect balance of all three looks – Olesya’s liquid liner teamed with Ashley’s smokiness but combined with a real fresh glow and soft peachy lips.

Anyone else hate her a little bit?
Wait till you see her nekkid.

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  1. Um, Olesya Rulin was 21 at that premiere. Maybe the look was a bit heavy for an afternoon do, but from an age perspective, if you can’t start dressing like that by the time you’re 21, when can you?

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