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What’s in the Bag Anita Vukomancic?


What’s in the Bag Anita Vukomancic?

Today’s beautista is Anita Vukomancic, not only is she super pretty but she’s a top cosmetologist too… it’s bound to be a good one!

What’s your signature beauty product and how does using it make you feel?

It will have to be my amazing moisturiser by Benostan Phytocosmetica. It is completely natural, slides on my skin and feels very light and fresh. It feels great to know that the first thing I put on my skin is free from any preservatives and chemicals.

A beautiful boy is on the approach and you only have time to apply one product – what is it?
Pout Plump Lip-gloss. It looks great, it tingles your lips and you just squeeze it on from the bottle – no sticky fingers afterwards. So when this handsome boy is coming my way all I have to do is Pout!!

What is your favourite beauty product ever – current, classic or, sob, discontinued?
‘The Oscar’ would have to go to my Incredible Mascara by Blinc. Since Blinc is not a cosmetic paint like conventional mascaras it doesn’t fade, smudge or run. When applied it forms little tubes around each lash so it is incredibly easy to take it off with a bit of warm water splashed on the eye area – the tubes just slide off. No need for make up remover which is a bonus!

The rest of the bag?
How much space do you have as there is a lot in there…! Okay, here goes;

Lavera Naturkosmetic roll on deodorant (it took me ages to find a natural no aluminum or alcohol deodorant that actually does the job and bingo I finally found one)
Becca concealer in two tones
High Beam by Benefit
Cargo Sunset Beach blusher which I use with my Pout Blusher Brush – it’s all about the glow!
Tiny pot of MAC loose powder for eyes that can be applied on with fingertips
Mini OXY gen tube by Crystal Clear for any sudden spots or as a wake me up treatment around the eyes when I’m tired
Dropper contain alcohol-free perfume oil that I massage on (lots of us don’t realise that spray on perfumes can cause discoloration on the skin and as a cosmetologist I am aware how difficult it can be to treat pigmentation)
Vitamin Ester C sachets that dissolve in water (good way to remember topping up on Vit C)
Hair Clip by Ficcare (it can make the worst hair a good hair day)
Cotton Buds

Hmm, fab make up bag, really pretty?
I’m totally not jealous…


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