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Foundation Course


Foundation Course

Morning class. Is everyone barefaced as requested?
Good. Today we’re learning very important lesson – foundation.

Now, as I’ve mentioned a few thousand times, I’m super pale. Super, super, English Rose if that rose was grown in a dark corner with very little access to sunlight pale and so getting the right shade has always been a bit of a chore for me. Not any more.

My new, never fail winner is my worth-its-weight-in-gold Prescriptives Custom Blend Foundation.
I love it.
I loved getting it blended.
I loved chatting with the make up artist on the stand.
I loved that I was able to add skin brightening ingredients and radiance boosters to my final formulation.
I loved choosing my own level of coverage and finally getting a colour that was an EXACT match for my skin.
I love that when I smooth it on in the morning, it blends seamlessly, giving me model perfect coverage, not a chalky death mask or orange Jordan glow.

It’s not really blue by the way but it does have blue in it. Mine even had dark plum – it brightens dull skin – who would have thunk it?

And if all this wasn’t enough, just push me right over the edge, once I had my foundation in my sweaty paws, lovely Sara mixed up a coordinating concealer.
With eye brightening ingredients.
And it’s ace.

Buying foundation just always felt so utilitarian to me, just a job that had to be done, ut the Prescriptives Custom Blend service made it feel like a real luxury. (The fact that this happened at Selfridges was a sheer coincidence.) If you’re looking to switch from your summer colour to a winter foundation, pop on over to the Prescriptives counter for your free colour print and I dare you to leave without buying the foundation.

They do lipgloss too you know…


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