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RE: Cult Brands


RE: Cult Brands

So I’m not the most spiritual of people and well, actually, I’m not even christened but I am certainly a well qualified girl of the (cleansing) cloth when it comes to talking about cult beauty products.

I’m not talking about the ones you’ve all already tried, who doesn’t live and die by Beauty Flash Balm? And I’m not going to bankrupt you by recommending £200 marine enzyme wonder gels. Oh no, I’m more like the crack dealer that brings you in cheap and then hikes up the price…

So, let’s start with Fenjal Creme Bath. This lovely rich bath treat has been knocking around for years but its just as lovely as ever. If I’m ever in need of a really relaxing, skin softening bath, this is what I turn to. It’s got a beautiful, almost herbally scent that wraps you up like a big hug and leaves your skin totally soft. And the bottle is pretty too. Sorry, but it’s a factor to me…

Moving ever so slightly up the price scale and speaking of factors, is DDF’s Enhancing Sun Protection. This fabulous SPF 30 not only protects you from the sun’s evil rays but it also enhances your skin’s own loveliness meaning you can more or less ditch foundation! Wowsers. It really does work on all skintones, from night of the living dead me to the super tanned minxiness of my friends (focus group of three). I wear this literally Every. Time. I. Go. Outside. In case DDF aren’t doing enough for you already (greedy) this sunscreen is chock full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients to keep your skin in tip top condition.

And up the price range a little more… my two new favourite products from Bliss. My skin is a sod for congestion and I’m forever trying out new exfoliants and masks so I was super happy to find Bliss Sleeping Peel Serum and Mask. The amino-acid-antioxidant exfoliating serum literally levels your fine lines (in less than a week) while simultaneously lightening dark spots from sun damage. Wow. And the mask… See how pretty???

And yes, I’m watching Lord of the Rings.

According to The Goddess Guide by Gisele Scanlon (one of the most wonderful books you will ever buy) the serum is amazing at clearing your post-flight so I will be trying that out super soon.

Did I not mention I’m off to LA on Saturday? Sigh…http://0

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