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History is the most important lesson you’ll ever take. Fact.
If you don’t understand the mistakes of the past, how will you avoid them in the future? Mistakes like stripping your skin with Clearasil, blending pink and blue eyeshadow and perms. Oh God, the perms.

But sometimes there are things from the past that we should never let go of and today, it’s time to reassess the classics.

Estee Lauder’s Advance Night Repair serum is a ripe old 25 years old and is still winning over new fans every single day. Despite the cunning ‘Night Repair’ name, application in every morning before your moisturiser will help neutralise 90% of skin damaging free radicals generated by UV light, pollutants and oxidants before they can damage the skin. When its not fighting off nasties, ANR delivers advanced levels of hydration with hyaluronic acid to boost the effectiveness of your moisturiser. Ooh. Basically, if you use this, you will look younger than the people that don’t. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow but soon, for the rest of your life. And at £32, it hardly breaks the bank. Hurrah.

And in case that wasn’t enough, the geniuses at Estee Lauder have reformulated and repackaged my beloved Idealist Skin Refinisher to create a gorgeous companion to the ANR.
The new Idealist still helps skin banish flakiness and speeds up the skin’s renewal process, plus it now includes with three times more Glucosamine (a sugar-derived, non-acid refinisher) and a super-potent anti-oxidant, NDGA, that also helps shrink the look of enlarged pores by helping reduce the build-up of excess oil. In a nutshell, gives you clearer, more radiant skin. All yours for £34.
And isn’t it pretty? Sigh.

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