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Design and Technology

Screw woodwork, we’re girls and I’m really not interested in drills, glue guns and circular saws. Well, I have some interest in glue guns but what I’m really keen on, is varnish but purely of the nail kind. I LOVED the pretty silvers of summer and the glossy glam black of last winter but that’s nothing to how I feel about this year’s sexy purple and gunmetal greys.

Fingernails are short and rounded and the colour is deep and rich – mmm, nice. I adore the dark, shimmery greys at MAC but I’ve also got a secret yearning for the matte, light greys for daytime.

I’m not a huge fan of matching fingers and toes, plus, typing all day long makes for major chippage – this does NOT work with deep plums and purples, so I’m saving that treat for my tootsies. My toes are already totally taken with Zoya’s Lael, a glossy deep plum that just does not chip. Which is just as well since these trotters are about to hoof it all the way over to LA!

I’m taking the BeautyMecca show on the road tomorrow morning to the land of the Zoebots. I’m guessing there will be lots to report – mostly that I’m seven sizes bigger than everyone in the city, but hey, I’m still excited. See you on the other side!http://0

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