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Breast Cancer Awareness Month


Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is two things on BeautyMecca, Trick or Treat month and Breast Cancer Awareness month. Luckily, thanks to some fab companies like Estee Lauder and Boots, we get to combine helping out an amazing charity and treating ourselves. Isn’t this a wonderful world?

I’m hoping there’s no one out there reading this that isn’t already aware that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. I’ve also got my fingers crossed that you not only know about it but also know how important it is to be breast aware (and no, I don’t mean who’s had them done and who hasn’t. Well, I usually do but not right now).

I had a breast cancer scare when I was just 18. I found a lump in the shower and, too scared to tell my mum, I took myself off to the doctors and they made me an appointment at the local hospital. As soon as the letter arrived confirming the appointment, I took a deep breath, told my mum (in the car – not advisable) and more or less fell apart. Finding the lump wasn’t so bad, going to the doctor was a bit weird but telling your mum? That was what made it real. The thought that I might have to undergo cancer treatment, lose a breast at the age of 18, even die… It was so, so scary for both of us but luckily, it turned out to be nothing serious and I was so happy I’d had the courage to deal with it instead of hiding. See, sometimes you need balls to look after your boobs. And sometimes you need your mum.

Despite going through all that, I know that I’m not as vigilent as I should be about checking my breasts so I’m begging you to please, please check yourself out. Visit and find out everything you need to know. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that the pink ribbon badges sit so beautifully on this season’s purple trend – buy one now!

There are a million ways for you to help raise money and awareness and we’ll be looking at a different treat every day. Today I’m recommending the gorgeous, beautiful, shimmering shade of BREAST CANCER AWARENESS ‘COSMIC PINK’ GLOSSWEAR FOR LIPS. This pretty gloss soothes and moisturises with aloe vera and linoleic acid and helps protect against environmental damage with antioxidants including Vitamin E and BHT. Gleaming, high-shine colour deposits colour directly onto lips with a comfortable plush wand. Yummy.

For each Glosswear for Lips sold in the UK, £2 will be donated in total to charity.
Pick yours up from Boots or today. And you know what? Get one for your mum too.http://0

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