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Sarah Beeney: How Toxic Are You?


Sarah Beeney: How Toxic Are You?

Now, I’ve been sitting on this post since last week when, as a self-professed beauty addict, I dutifully say down to watch Sarah Beeney’s Beauty Addict: How Toxic Are You?

Instead of a fascinating insight into what toxins and chemicals are hiding in my favourite products, I saw what I can only imagine would be the flagship programme of Daily Mail TV.

‘This baby body wash contains a chemical also found in a flea killing pesticide’ Sarah frowns at the camera, shaking her head slowly and silently mouths ‘How can you put this on your child, you terrible, abhorrent mother. I’m sending social services round immediately.’

What Sarah neglected to mention – throughout the programme – was what exactly that chemical was or what it did in the body wash or pesticide. Can’t wait for her follow up ‘Hydrogen: it’s in the air and it will kill you if you breathe too much’

And don’t get me started on the two poor, vacuous madams who seemed quite convinced that they were going to die because ‘some studies are showing that there might possibly be a small chance that if you eat 17 Juicy Tubes a day, you might, at the age of seventy, get a bit of a cough.’

It really just descended into bullying at that point. But then again, you shouldn’t eat toothpaste, you weirdo.

I very much look forward to seeing smug Sarah ‘there’s no poison in my wee because I don’t wear deodorant’ Beeney’s organic product range in store soon.

In case you weren’t sure, this show made me very, very angry.
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