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Trick: Faux Flush


Trick: Faux Flush

Despite what you might be told by people a)younger than you b)with less stressful jobs than you or c)with a vested interest in filling their cocktail bars on a weeknight, Wednesdays are not the new Fridays.

In case you choose not to heed this advice, below are my favourite blushers to create a healthy glow the morning after.
As opposed to a pissed up flush the evening of.

The main thing to look for is a natural transparency so a stain or a gel is your best bet. Powder blushers will look too heavy on tired skin (if you can get away with it, skip foundation and powder and try tinted moistiriser and Dr Feelgood for the same reasons).

Origins Pinch Your Cheeks is perfect. It’s very subtle and natural, even though it looks like one of those tubes of fake blood you got with plastic vampire teeth as a kid. The fact it comes in a very portable little tube for lunchtime touch ups also helps its case.

Another star is of course Benetint but this less portable. Tends to last longer though.

If you don’t trust yourself with a stain (pisshead) try a cream blush. Vincent Longo’s is fantastic, it feels like a memory foam mattress, but can be tricky to get hold of. Worth a try though, absolutely beautiful finish that looks like genuine health. We all know it’s not though…

And just don’t forget to clean your teeth and pack nurofen.http://0

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