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Trick: Fabulous Hair While You Sleep!


Trick: Fabulous Hair While You Sleep!

As I’m sure you have all already realised, I heart Jonny at Lee Stafford in Soho more than, well, most of my immediate family and I can’t function in a morning until I’ve choked myself on Lee Stafford spray wax (note to self, remember to make sure the cat isn’t in the bathroom before you spray. She doesn’t need waxing) so how happy was I when I received their new Sleepover Hair Repair treatment?

Anyone that knows me will tell you what a lazy mare I am. It’s really a wonder that BeautyMecca gets published at all, let alone almost daily (really? I have to push buttons on a keyboard again?). So when one of my favourite hair gods comes up with one of my new favourite products and it works IN MY SLEEP, I’m a very happy bunny.

The stuff of dreams….

Seriously, post-LA, my hair took on the terribly attractive texture of sunbleached hay – even Mr Ed would have turned his nose up at it – so I’ve been basting it nightly with this wonderous formula for the last couple of weeks. You literally slather a couple of pumps of product all over your dry hair, comb through with your fingers and then put your head down for sweet dreams about Peter from Heroes.
Sorry, that’s just me.

Lo and behold, by morning, your hair soft, shiny and pliable again. The yummy smelling cream formula is full of terribly clever things that actually seek out the damaged parts of your hair and magically massage and kiss it better until morning. Then, you wash it out, shampoo and condition as usual and bask in the glow of commuter hair envy.

And the best bit is, you did it all while you were sleeping.
Oh, and did I mention it’s only £6. FREAKING 99 from your friendly neighbourhood Boots?

Screw you Frederik Fekkai. Screw you and the horse you rode in on.
Does he have a horse? I bet he has a horse…http://0

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