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A Trick and a Treat!


A Trick and a Treat!

Monsieur, with these posts you’re really spoiling us…

I know, I know but hey, I’m a giver.

Today I’ve got tips from Clinique’s top make-up artist, Lorna AND a special treat from Bliss Spa London. And before you non-Londoners get all pernickity (hey, I’m a non-Londoner! Ish…) it’s online-tastic.

Ever aware that we ladies are always making eyes at someone, Clinique have sent over their top tips for mascara application. So there are NO excuses for spider legs on the tube. You know if I’m talking to you.

1. Always remove any oil-based products before applying mascara.
BM: This might sound like common sense but how many of you get moisturiser or eye cream on your lashes before your mazzy? I know I do and I know that’s why it smudges.

2. Use the tip of the mascara wand to apply mascara to the lower lashes so the lashes lie flat.
BM: I like to wipe the gunk off the end with a tissue first. Not that my mascaras are gunky and I always throw them away after three months. Ahem.

3. Push the centre lashes on the top lid up, to create a beautiful curve and to enhance the almond shape of the eye
BM: Ahh, pretty!

4. Pull lashes out at each corner of the eye to make the lashes appear longer.
BM: Hmmm, sensible.

5. Apply two coats of mascara not allowing the first coat to dry before applying the second to prevent any clogging.
BM: No one likes clogging.

See how I had nothing to add to the last three points but still managed to get my two penneth in? That’s because I’m an attention seeker…

My fave mascaras are currently Clinique’s High Definition for full lush lashes and Prescriptives False Lash (one coat for every day drama, two for night out wonderment).

And if you need a mascara that Just Does Not Budge, the new Prescriptives Here to Stay Longwear mascara is amazing. It’s honestly not going anywhere and you can totally layer it over your False Lash Mascara for a speedy refresher if you’re heading out to party straight from your desk.

Now, as if that wasn’t enough for you, get your clicking fingers ready and head over to for their AMAZING 80% off sale! There are so many super sets and primping products to be had for mere pennies, I can hardly recommend the best bets.

But if I had to, I’d go for:

Tenderfoot Sole Softening Set: Softening Socks and Sock Salve for just £18!!! I’ve wanted the socks forever and this set makes them a complete bargain! Great Christmas gift set for your ma too.

Sleeping Peel Four Star Starter Set: I LOVE the Sleeping Peel serum and mask so this would be high on my wish list. Just £30!!!!

See Spots Run: A fab salicylic acne gel that really dries spots out. Plus it’s clear so you can top up during the day without ruining your make up. Was a princely £24, now just a miserly £7. Do you want a big stress zit to ruin your Christmas look? Do You????

I really would happily take anything off this page but these are my top picks. I’d also be inclined to the Glamour Gloves, anything Lemon+Sage scented and The Best of Bliss for a Christmas present. See if you can’t make a friend an addict for 2008.
BTW, if you were buying them a gift set of crack, that last statement would be a problem, getting them addicted to Bliss beauty products is okay.

Click here for joy:


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