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Beauty-Full Christmas: Hands off my stuff, sis!


Beauty-Full Christmas: Hands off my stuff, sis!

For some reason, this didn’t appear when I posted it on Friday.
How rude…

Ahh, the little sister.
Having always been one and never having had one, it’s a bit of a mystery to me but I understand there are all sorts of nightmares involving thieved lipsticks, spilled perfumes and mashed up eye crayons. It could be even worse, she could be out there wearing Collection 2000 IN FRONT OF BOYS!

Please prevent any further child abuse by purchasing your little sister/cousin/niece/ or even little sister-in-law (thereby securing her love for you, forever) these wonderful, wonderful gifts…

One of the most important lessons you can teach a young girl is that stripping your skin of all it’s natural oils and leaving it looking like corned beef is not the healthiest way to treat spots.
Please bin the Clearasil (remember the blue liquid in the glass jar? I’m sure that was watered down bleach…) and buy her these gorgeous Face Boutique products from Space NK.

The pretty Peachy Clean facial wash cleanses skin without stripping it and the Fresh Faced moisturiser is oil free, so it’st for young skin. If you’re feeling especially generous, girls will LOVE the Moi Moi lipbalm too.

If you’re ready to face the wrath of Mother, get her started on the slap. And where does a teen start with make-up? Boots 17, of course!

They always have some fab (read ‘Cheap’) Christmas gift sets. I recommend one of the lipcolour sets if you’re playing it safe, something with eye colour if you want everyone to feel awkward around the Christmas dinner table when she waltzes down looking like she’s gone ten rounds with Ricky Hatton and a nail polish kit if you never want to be invited back to the house again.

Should young miss have been stealing 17 Bonbon lipsticks since she was 12 (not that BeautyLover EVER did anything like that), it might be time to bring her up to the big leagues.

Boots have some super cool Urban Decay kits out this year and any rebellious teenager out of her right mind would LOVE the Deluxe Shadow set or Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliners. Just the thing to get you sent out of Geography.

If she, you know, smells a bit ripe (sometimes they don’t know!) you could always treat her to the Soap&Glory Big Soak kit. It’s only £25 and comes in a big, wonderful box of joy (teenagers freaking LOVE boxes) plus it’s chock full of bath soak, body scrub, body butter, soap (for the stinkies) and an eye mask and bath pillow. Perfect for those ‘I vant to be alone’ teenage bathroom tantrums.

Just remember you are supposed to hand these gifts over, so you know, don’t get her anything too nice…
Maybe just a Superdrug token then.http://0

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