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Trick: How to fool the sun into shining!


Trick: How to fool the sun into shining!

Okay, so I can’t quite tell the sun what to do (yet – just wait…) but I have finally found a powder bronzer that doesn’t make me look like I wiped Bisto over my face.

As has been well documented on this site, I am The Palest Lady That Ever Lived (tm and copyright) and cannot wear bronzers. Well, I found one that actually makes me look like I went outside over the weekend – in daylight!

i-bronze by New ID Cosmetics is a thing of wonder. See…

Ahh, pretty.

They say: i – bronze Compact Powder Bronzer with Mirror is a unique marbleised baked power that gives your skin a beautiful sun-kissed glow. With rich blended pigments of peach, pink, bronze and gold, i – bronze suits most skin tones. i – bronze is created by using a unique baking process which cuts down on binding agents, allowing the powder to glide beautifully over your skin for a perfect all-over glow.

I say: The swirly wirly prettiness isn’t just for effect. It means you can either swirl your brush over the whole cake and get an even bronze finish or you can select specific shades and use as highlighters! The soft pink is perfect for running along the tops of your cheekbones.
Plus, it’s been in my bag for a week and hasn’t broken yet. REEEEE-sult.

You can find more pretty things from New ID at and some Debenhams stores. I like the Shimmy Shimmy eyeshadow too. Because it’s called Shimmy Shimmy mostly.



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