Treat: Hot Legs

I’m not in the habit of naming posts after Rod Stewart songs butI am in the habit of getting my legs out at any opportunity (and some might argue this isn’t so much a habit as an offensive tragedy) .

I’ve always been a leg girl, boobs fluctuate with, well, the weather at the moment and having been on the curvy side in the past (well, and now if you’re comparing me to an Olsen twin) it’s always been about whipping the legs out.

Of course, my legs have a lovely bone white glow to them which can be a bit of a nightmare. I don’t know of you’ve ever sidled up to a fella in a club, given him your sexiest shimmy and a come hither smile, only for him to glance down at your legs and then back away v-e-r-y slowly, lest you be a vampire.
It can be a problem.

One way around the incandescent paleness is to Michael Kors Leg Shine liberally to shins.
And knees.
And maybe thighs.
Hell, whack it on everywhere.

It gives legs a lovely shimmer, a touch of colour and you get a waft of Michael Kors fragrance when you’re dancing! What’s not to love? Plus it’s really easy to apply and comes in a sold stick so you don’t have to mess about with runny creams and difficult sprays.

If you’re super pale like me, stick to Classic or Shimmer. If you’re looking for a touch of colour, go crazy with the Bronze. It’s wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide open.

And it’s certainly better than having a hot boy think you’re a bloodsucking fiend.


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