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Trick or Treat: You decide!


Trick or Treat: You decide!

Since it’s Halloween, I thought I’d offer up some honest to goodness witchcraft for you to marvel at. I swear, Harry Potter totally has share in Prescriptives

I’ve waxed lyrical about the Magic Liquid Powder before, (cools on contact with skin, diffuses the light to make you look like a goddess, was created by Glinda the Good Witch) but today, I’m sampling their Illuminating Liquid Potion (very Halloween!) and Invisible Line Smoother – surely someone sold their soul for that one.

The Illuminating Liquid is a gorgeous holographic fluid that evens out skintone, diffuses light to mask imperfections and gives skin a truly radiant look. I LOVE to wear it under foundation as a primer and then I top up cheekbones and browbones, using it as a highlighter. Usually, I’ve relied on the green Smashbox Photo Finish primer to take the red out of my skin but this works wonders.

On top of make up, it gives a similar effect to High Beam but is more neutral as the fluid has a more white base, and under makeup, it makes skin look airbrushed to perfection. Gorgeous. You could even go foundation free if you’ve got clear skin.

Plus, the bottle is HUGE so it will last forever.

The Invisible Line Smoother is exactly that. It’s basically Polyfiller for your face – can you think of anything more exciting? You smooth the gel directly onto your wrinkles and then tap it into the skin – say the magic words (‘izzy wizzy, let’s get bizzy’ around here) and your wrinkles have vanished!

The results are only temporary (the gel washes off when you take off your slap) but hey, what do you want for £27.00? It’s a fantastic fix for a party face.
And you don’t want to scare the kids when you go trick or treating, do you?

Oh, and did I mention they all come in pretty shiny silver boxes?
I didn’t?
Well, they do.

Buy! Buy! Buy!http://0

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