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Saint or Sinner?


Saint or Sinner?

In honour of All Saints Day, I’m declaring November, Winter Saint or Winter Sinner? month.

We’ll look at products that are complete saints, from super skin savers, organic wonders through magical make up.
And then we’ll look at the sinners… pricey but perfect purchases, fake its and morning after miracle workers.

What’s not to love?

Since the weather seems to be in denial about the fact that is in fact November, I’m wearing an equally defiant fragrance.

Estee Lauder Pleasures Delight is so pretty, it almost makes me like Gwyneth Paltrow.
Please don’t let Gwynnie frolicking with her puppies in the ads (not what it sounds like) put you off. I really didn’t expect to like the scent, it seemed a little bit sugary and, dare I say it? Like something I might give my mum but I was wrong – not something I admit to often…

They say: This floral confection blends notes of juicy Pomegranate, whipped Strawberry Meringue and tempting Caramel with a sprinkling of Sugared Rose Petals, dewy Freesia, White Peony and Fresh Greens

I say: It’s really lovely! Even though the ads make you think of spring, this makes a lovely daytime winter scent. The strawberry, caramel, marshmallow and vanilla balance out the florals and a trace of patchouli in the base note just mixes things up a little bit more.

If I ever went for winter walks in big boots and scarves, then came home all rosy cheeked for hot chocolate and toasted marshmallows, I’d say this reminded me of that.
As it is, I only have experience of the hot chocolate and many marshmallows, so I’m just going to settle on those very, very happy memories…

One of my best friends is getting married next week and it would make the most beautiful winter wedding fragrance, I’m strongly considering a purchase of the gift set for the bride and the 25ml bottle for my two fellow bridesmaids (provided I don’t accidentally get stuck in the Topshop bit of Selfridges).http://0

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