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Saint: DDF Sulfur Therpaeutic Mask


Saint: DDF Sulfur Therpaeutic Mask

All hail todays’s saint, without which, I would be absolutely crapping it.

My best friend’s wedding is coming up on Sunday and I am bridesmaiding in the most beautiful dress you will ever see, alongside two of the most beautiful girls I have ever met and behind the most GORGEOUS bride ever to grace the Earth.

Well, bitterness aside, I had just about got over the fact that I’ll glow like Casper in all the pics when The World’s Biggest Zit decided to set up home on my schnozz. Seriously, it looked like I was growing a spare nose for the ceremony. Not something on the wedding list, as far as I could tell.

However, three nights of DDF’s Sulfur Therapeautic Mask, and it’s gone. Literally, vamoosed.
I freaking love this stuff. It reminds me a little of Bliss’ Sleeping Peel Mask but comes in a much larger tub and doesn’t scare me so much with warnings about broad spectrum sunscreens… Plus the smell of the fast acting sulfur is masked by yummy eucalyptus. Delish.

Use the mask once a week to keep pores clear and apply a thin layer at night to any nasties that make a break for the surface. They’ll be gone in no time. Plus, it doesn’t end up on your pillow overnight. Once this baby is on your face, it’s STAYING.

Phew, now I just have to worry about hobbling down the aisle in my four inch heels…http://0

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