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Sinner: I’m a Fekkai-n Faker


Sinner: I’m a Fekkai-n Faker

Shh, don’t tell anyone but I’m faking it tonight.
No, you dirty-minded gutter-dweller, not that, my highlights!

Since I ravaged my hair with Debbie Harry-style platinum blonde all over colour a couple of year ago, I’ve had to steer clear of any sort of permanent tints, lest my barnet give up the ghost completely. However, I have dabbled in colour depositing shampoos and wash in/wash out madness. None of it really worked, all of it left me disappointed and my hair just looked, well, dull.

But at last, I might have found an answer.
Frederic Fekkai has brought out a range of beautiful hair mascaras, in gorgeous, face framing shades… what? Don’t all shout at once!

Yes, you heard me. Super-premo brand, Frederic Fekkai has brought out a range of hair mascaras. And they’re lovely. Choose from Gold or Cognac, these babies work just like hair mascaras of old, only better. I went Gold on my dark blonde hair – washed, blowdried, then brushed in a few subtle strands at the front, a couple of bolder chunks at the back and then let it dry. A minute or so later, I brushed the whole thing through and was left with lovely shimmering highlights.

Who would have thunk it?
Perfect for party season and far less stressful to your locks than permanent colour.

Now, of course they wash out as soon as you shampoo but hey, are you looking for Mr Right or Mr Right Now?


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