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Sinner: The Value of Beauty


Sinner: The Value of Beauty

I accept that a lot of people don’t necessarily understand the value of beauty.

And by beauty, I mean the unhealthy amount of time I spend looking at make up, playing with make up, buying make up, reading about make up… You get the picture.

Well, someone gets it.
The someone that STOLE our make up from the bridal dressing room at my best friend’s wedding yesterday.

Can you believe it? While we were getting our America’s Next Top Model on with the photographer, some skank was getting their klepto on with our stuff.

Clearly it was a skank with taste. They totally bypassed the Rimmel and went straight for the Bobbi Brown, YSL and Benefit.

To clarify – they left the cash, the cards the ipods, the clothes and the shoes but they took the make up.

Should you see anyone wearing a Bobbi Brown eye palette, touche eclat, YSL mascara, benefit eyeliner and Georgia powder and either a Laura Mercier or Benefit lipgloss, let me know.
If I ever find out who ripped us off, they’re getting their pretty, tasteful ass kicked.http://0

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