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Saint: Eye Eye Captain


Saint: Eye Eye Captain

For what seems like forever, I’ve been trying to interest Mr BeautyLover in beauty product.
Let’s face it, he’s thirty this month and prevention is better than the cure… He’s been routinely refusing sunscreen forever and as we all know now, real men not only eat quiche but they also moisturise.

Mr BeautyLover’s main issue is his eyes. He doesn’t sleep that much (I need a good eight hours a night and, well, a good three extra hours to supplement the core eight… and about fourteen on weekends) and he works on a computer all day, so he can get a bit puffy, a bit baggy and well, a touch grey.

So we’ve implemented an experiment.
I’ve been REALLY worried about my eyes recently (I was all kinds of ‘hmm, my lower eyelids have gone a funny texture’ and when I looked closer, I realised that texture was ‘wrinkly’…) so we’ve agreed to each try out a new eye cream and let you know our thoughts next month.

I’m trying Darphin’s Stimulskin Coffret (£65 Darphin counters and stockists) that includes eye cream and two mini serums – one for dark circles and puffiness, one for tightening and firming.

My BeautyLover is sampling Anthony Logistics Continuous Moisture Eye Cream (£32 – Space NK). To ensure a fair trial, I’ll be using the Anthony on one eye and the Darphin on the other. unless one is shitloads better than the other and then I’ll be switching altogether…http://0

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