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Sinner: Blissed Out


Sinner: Blissed Out

Okay, I’m sorry.
I would have LOVED to have blogged in the last week but unfortunately, I was rendered unbloggable by an amazing massage at Bliss in Noo Yoik.

Seriously, I was rendered pretty much unanythingable aside from sitting in a gooey pile, shovelling complimentary brownies into my mouth. Oh yes, there are free brownies, they don’t call it Bliss for nothin’.

I’d heard alot of stuff about Bliss, good and bad. I knew for a fact that the products were amazing, being addicted to the Lemon+Sage range as I am, but I’d heard mixed reviews of the spa services. Some people think it’s overpriced because of the name, others have said the staff can be rude and try and upsell products and services once you’re all nekkid and gooey on the table.

I am happy to report that thanks to an AMAZING massage and a favourable exchange rate, my Bliss experience was nothing short of, well, Bliss!

Starting with the ladies lounge, both Bliss and I recommend you get there a good thirty minutes before your treatment so you can properly unwind. Strip off, stash your stuff in the superduper electronic lockers, robe up and then kick back with a cup of tea and some more brownies. There is fruit, cheese and biscuits too but did I mention they have cookies?

I went for the Jet Out, a full body massage that promised to realign jetlagged minds and bodies. Mmm. My masseuse totally had magic fingers although I wasn’t sure Chris Issac’s Wicked Game was appropriate massage music. I had a horrible feeling he might offer me extras at any moment. Plus this is not a massage for the faint hearted. By the end, Mr Masseuse was as familiar with me as my waxing peeps. Although at least it was a bit darker… Just slightly on a tangent, when a masseuse asks if you want a firm, deep massage, why do I always say yes? I don’t want a deep massage! It hurts! I want to be gently stroked like a kitten for an hour and then patted on the head. But no, afraid to be labelled a massage pussy, I always smile and nod and say, ooh, yes, please pummel me to death and let me pay for the pleasure.
My mistake, no one else’s.

Post massage, was the real treat.
Back to the Brownies until you come round and then hot the showers.
Bliss have THE most amazing steam showers with normal shower head, overhead rain shower head and a steamer all in the same cubicle. There was a worry I would never come out, especially since there’s a seat in there and I am lazy.
It was fabulous.

Then throw in all the Bliss products hanging around for you to use and you’re in a happy place.
And hey, still not happy? How about a bottle of Bliss water and a bag of samples to take away?

If you’re jetting out anywhere or even just in London for some stressful Christmas Shopping, I can’t think of a better present to yourself. Or get a gift certificate – the perfect gift for family and friends!

No, screw that, get your arse down there ASAP…


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