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Sinner: lipgloss love cheat


Sinner: lipgloss love cheat

I’ve been pretty faithful to my lip glosses for the last few years. Sure, I’ll fool around with a few brands at any one time and yes, I’ve had the odd fling with a MAC special edition sheer lip colour but I haven’t had a full blown relationship with a proper lipstick for a looong time.

Until now. Maybe I’m growing up. Maybe I’m making more long term, commitment minded choices, I don’t know, but recently I’ve been getting deep and meaningful with Estee Lauder’s Signature Hydra Lustre lipsticks.

Oooh, it won a Grazia award!

I heart them. There are dozens of colours with gorgeous finishes and genuinely moisturising textures. I love applying it in a morning – it just makes me feel finished and ladylike (as opposed to scruffy and tramplike with damp hair sticking to my lip gloss. Mmm, sexy).

My personal favourites are Perfect Pink and Vintage Mauve – both really wearable colours – but I’m definitely going to be looking into Rich Red and Soft Amethyst for Christmas parties.

The packaging is pretty sexy too. The iconic gold bullet has been refined to make it even more desirable and reassuringly heavy in the hand. I like a lipstick that could kill a mugger if swung violently in a clutch bag. Preferably one with a little handle to hang on your wrist.

There’s something you can’t do with a lip gloss.
And possibly a little too much information about what I think about before a night out: a two timer and potentially violent.
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