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On the First Day of Christmas…


On the First Day of Christmas…

Well, okay, it’s the 3rd of December and not even really the first day of Christmas yet but hell, I need a posting gimmick okay?

If you are a regular BeautyMecca reader you will know certain things about me, including:
1. I am ridiculously pale and mouth off about said fact often
2. I am lazy
3. I heart Christmas in a big way
4. Smokey eyes are my favourite make up look in the whole widest world

With these three things in mind, you will understand that I will be mostly rocking a metallic smokey eye for the Christmas season. However, it will be a smokey eye with created for maximum impact with minimum effort as it’s generally a desk to dance floor affair.

Tonight, I’m off to see CSS in gangland Brixton and will be trialling 17’s metallic Silver pencil. I tested it whilst watching Elf last night but sitting around, cooking a roast chicken and chortling at Will Ferrell didn’t really test it.

Putting up my tree whilst fending off an excited cat sort of did but I’ll report back in full tomorrow…


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