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On the second day of Christmas… Shine like a star!


On the second day of Christmas… Shine like a star!

In honour of last night’s trip to see CSS (they dressed up like Christmas presents!), I’m devoting today to giltter.

‘Tis the season after all and glitter is a really great quick fix Christmas party product.

My favourite glitter product is Urban Decay’s Heavy Metals.
You have the choice of the eyeliner or the gel – for me, I would go for the gel. You’ve already committed to wearing glitter, this is not the time to be subtle. A great and dramatic look requires very little effort when wearing these babies.

Layer on a pigment heavy shadow, an Urban Decay shadow is generally perfect as they are super heavy on pigment or for real staying power, create a coloured base with an Urban 24-7 Glide On pencil (these are my new obsession, be prepared to hear a lot about them) and them dab the glitter gel on top in a block over your eyelid. Allow to dry and then repeat with another layer of gel until you have a really dense glitter effect.

For a dramatic gunmetal grey/silver eye, try 24/7 pencil in Gunmetal combined with Backstage Heavy Metal Glitter Gel. For on trend purple, try Flash shadow with Rockstar glitter. I love green eye make up on pretty much everyone – go for Roadie glitter over Mildew or Vert shadow.

WARNING! Glitter should never, ever be
a) applied to your cheeks
b) multicoloured
c) SPRAYED onto any part of your body.

I’m talking dense, sparkling, uber glitter packed onto your eyelids for an entirely grown up, theatrical effect. This is not one for the over 40s or under 21s. Leave the Claire’s Hen Night spray glitter to them…


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