On the third day of Christmas… My mother came to stay!

Sigh, tis true.

Mummy BeautyLover is coming to stay (along with Daddy BeautyLover but he’s less Beauty inclined) and I had to have a bathroom audit before she arrived.

I’m guessing we ALL crack out the best products when we’ve got guests right?
No? Well, I have a problem then. Beacuse I’m speccy, I have a handy dandy glass shelf above the sink where I stash my contact lens stuff, glasses and usually a face wash or my spray wax.

Until Mummy Dearest booked her appointment. Today, said shelf is holding Origins Clean Energy Cleansing Oil, Bliss Triple Oxygen Face Mask, Lee Stafford Sleepover Treatment and Bliss Lemon+Sage Body Scrub. The shelf in the shower is full of Fekkai shampoo and conditioner, Clean on Me Soap&Glory shower creme and the boy’s man products and by the sink? Space NK hand wash and lotion.

EVERYTHING else is hidden in the massive mirror fronted cabinet between the sink and tub… And having been forced to go through it last night to hide anything manky, I do mean EVERYTHING. Body scrubs, face peels, foot scrubs, tubs and tubs and tubs of body butter, cotton wool, eye make up remover, cleansers, toners, teeth whitening strips – it’s actually a bit of a shocker.
Man alive I have a lot of crap.

What I really want to know is, what do you put put for guests?http://0

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