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On the sixth day I blogged about Christmas… Christmas Party Make Up


On the sixth day I blogged about Christmas… Christmas Party Make Up

I should tell you now that I’m completely knackered from my own Christmas party last night and not at my best. However, my make up ROCKED. And more importantly lasted until I rolled in at 4.00 (get me!).

Start as you mean to go on
If you’re not going to use a proper base, there’s literally no point in reading on.
I am a primer fanatic and have become literally crack-stylee addicted to BeneFit That Gal. It evens out your skin, it’s cooling, it smells of bubblegum and most importantly, it helps your foundation glide on and stay put. Love it.
While you’re at the BeneFit counter, grab a pot of F.Y.Eye. This eyeshadow primer is the one thing I’ve found that will keep any eye colour glued to your lids until you remove it.

Once your primer has had a minute or two to sink in, go for a long lasting or illuminating foundation, blemish cover up and under-eye concealer. I like to apply my base with a sponge if it’s going to be a long night, it just seems to adhere better.

Colour me bad
Since it’s Christmas, you can go a little bit crazy. Whether that’s a bit of sparkle, more colour than you would usually wear or a big statement look, it’s entirely up to you.
As you know, I’m obsessed with smokey eyes, so my favoured party look is glittery grey eyes with neutral shiny lips.

Last night, I went for Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On pencil in gunmetal as a base, BeneFit Skinny Jeans creme eyeshadow to give the sparkle something to stick to, and then Barry M Dazzle Dust in grey all over (a light silver) and charcoal (a sparkling dark grey) for definition at the crease and as a liner. I also cracked out the 17 Metallic Silver pencil to highlight the inner corners of my eyes.

Finishing off with a couple of coats of Prescriptives False Lash Mascara and a slick of 17’s Antique Lace lippy, I was good to go with minimal top ups. Purdy.
Remember, if it’s a big drinks party, statement eyes will always be better than lips that will need topping up constantly.

If you’re just going to dance your pants off, I DEMAND you try red lipstick this season. MAC do amazing reds, I like Lady Danger and Ruby Woo but if you just want to dip your toe in the look, try 17, Showcase and Showbiz – Showcase is a little matter and more intense, Showbiz has a touch of iridescent sparkle. My only proviso is that you must use a lip pencil.
It’s the law. Try Revlon Colourstay in Red for a classic true red.

To really play up red lips, leave the rest of your face neutral – a sweep of black liner close to the lashes and some black mascara, along with a touch of a natural pinky blush, are all you need.

If you’re playing it safe with a Little Black Dress, you might want to go colour crazy with the eyes. For a quick fix, go for a line of Urban Decay’s 24-7 Glide on Pencils again. The travel set I’m praying to receive this Christmas includes gorgeous copper, green, aquamarine, purple and classic black pencils – perfect to see you through the whole party season. In fact, screw Christmas, why not treat yourself to a stocking filler now!http://0

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