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On the sixth day I blogged about Christmas… Let’s here it for the boy!


On the sixth day I blogged about Christmas… Let’s here it for the boy!

Following my present greediness last week, I’m coming back with a peace offering to Mr BeautyLover… Here are some top tips for the boys.

Mr BeautyLover, Mr Hot James and the very discerning Brother BeautyLover are all massive fans of Anthony Logistics.

The Call to Action kit (£50.00) contains everything he needs to get into a great beauty regime without really trying. Brother BeautyLover’s favourite, the Glycolic Facial Cleanser, Face Scrub,
Sea Salt Body Scrub, After Shave Balm, Pre Shave Oil and Mr BeautyLover’s top pick, Shave Cream. I’d also pick up the Continuous Moisture eye cream because I’ve totally seen a difference in Mr BeautyLover’s bags since he started with this puppy. And he even does it every day.

Before now, I’d always had to play beauty mule when over in the US but now you can get the products from Space NK and! Some slightly lower priced and (according to Brother BeautyLover less effective but perfect for your teen brother) Anthony Sport products are also in Boots this Christmas if you can’t get to Space NK and don’t want to shop online.

For the more environmentally conscious chap, you could try Organic Blue. This fab range has recently put out some lovely men’s products that you won’t mind ‘borrowing’ or sharing shower space. I love the hair and bodywash, which has a lovely, clean lemongrass scent.
Probably from all the organic lemongrass oil in there…
It’s also got anti-bacterial Neem in case he’s a bit, you know, mucky.
And at £3.99, you can afford to stock up. In fact, get the bath soak, body lotion(hello!) and shower scrub and make a lovely package.
In case he hasn’t got one already.

According to Jack off Lost (Or Charlie off Party of Five if you’re Old Skool), ‘He’s worth it too’ so you might want to give L’Oreal Men Expert a try. Apparently, tinting your moisturiser blue is the way to a man’s heart. And putting the whole range on 3-4-2 so I don’t have to spend so much on it, is the way to mine. Cheers Boots. Mr BeautyMecca has dabbled in the Max Skin Moisturiser. I have allowed it.
I have no particular problem, patronising advertising aside.

So there you have it! He has moisturiser, you’ve got something to borrow if you run out and everyone’s happy.

Next week, I’ll be suggesting some last minute pressies in case he’s ‘forgotten’ and extravagant pressies in case he’s did something silly at the office Christmas party with that tart from ad sales and you are in with the chance of a big haul.

Hurrah for Christmas!


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