On the bleeurgh, bah humbug

Sorry, I am usually completely and utterly suffused with Christmas spirit.

Unfortunately, I am sick and therefore grumpy.
And blotchy.

Plus, due to ‘work commitments’ (suckiness x100) I had to miss the launch party for DKNY’s hot new Delicious Night fragrance last week… I don’t know if you heard about THE BEST PARTY EVER but harumph, Mark Ronson DJ’d, all manner of hot celebs were there (including Jessica Stam, super purdy model and face of Delicious Night) and it was at the super swank Serpentine Gallery, one of my fave venues ever.

I like the other DKNY Delicious fragrances, they’re fresh and appley and the packaging is pretty, so I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about this move away to a more sexy scent but it’s nice. Sexy without being musky, obviously evening without being too heavy. Yum.

And it’s pretty. Unlike me and my ONGOING GODDAMN FLU!
Mew. I can’t watch Bring it On again, I can’t!


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