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Beauty-Full Christmas: Gifts I’m a-Giving


Beauty-Full Christmas: Gifts I’m a-Giving

Now, Christmas is just around the corner so I’m sort of hoping most of you have got your gifting sorted. If not (bad people) here are some of the gorgeous gifts I’ll be handing out this Christmas time… I won’t tell you off for copying.

Jo Malone
I’m doing double duty on Jo Malone this year – we’ve got Pine&Eucalyptus Living cologne for one lucky hostess and the gorgeous Pomegranate Noir cologne for a friend. Jo Malone is literally THE go to gift if you’re uncertain what to get. It reeks of class and refinement and a beautifully scented home (or person…) is always lovely at this time of year. If in doubt, go for a candle – Orange Blossom is pleasingly citrusy for Chrimblemas.

Estee Lauder Pleasures Delight
This has been one of my favourite scents this year and I’m spreading that love to a family member who should think herself very lucky. It’s so pretty and sweet and soft but dries down to something so wearable, I think it’s a great fragrance gift option. I find it really hard to give perfume if you don’t know what the giftee usually wears – it’s SUCH a personal thing – but this is so lovely, I think you’d be safe.

Urban Decay Glide On 24-7 Pencils
I’m officially going to stop talking about these now.
Love them.
They’re going to my make up crazy, colour loving friend who I know will wear them well.
Hopefully, they’re going to me too… If not, Mr BeautyLover is in the shit.

Ren Body Gift Set
This is for a friend who travels an awful lot and always ends up with crappy skin from crappy hotel toiletries. Packed full Moroccan Rose Otto Body Wash, Damask Rose Ramnose Biosaccharide Body Cream, Neroli and Grapefruit Body Wash, Grapeseed Jojoba and Shea Butter Body Cream, there’s no need for her to ever be less than peachy clean ever again.

Bliss Triple Oxygen™ Instant Energizing Mask

This puppy is for one of my friends that is constantly overworked, constantly overtired and constantly in need of a good sit down. The super fast acting skin pick me up will be perfect for her. And me when I go to stay… ahem.

Now go forth and gift!

BeautyMecca will be taking a wee break over Christmas but I will of course update you on any beauty goodies I might receive, what sales are on where (Always keep an eye on the Boots website…) and I’ll certainly post something pre-New Years. Can’t have you going out there unprepared, can I?

Have a fab Christmas beauty lovers!!!


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