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New Year’s Revelations


New Year’s Revelations

To me, the world is split into two kinds of people – those that want to go out and get ratted from December 24th until January 1st and those who want to hole up with a tin of Roses, Sky+ and Singstar until their pyjamas start to smell and their hair begins washing itself.

No prizes for guessing which category I fall into…

So it’s come as no surprise that as I hauled ass back into the land of the living today, my skin has erupted, my hair is lank, my fringe has lost all shape and I’m the roughest looking thing this side of Amy Winehouse’s bathroom. (Cheap shot, sorry Amy – your dedication to eyeliner knows no bounds.) Basically, I’m turning into Noel Fielding. And that’s not a good thing if you’re a 27 year old beauty obsessed lady and not a twenty-‘something’ year old Camden cocksman.

So like the rest of you, I’ll be focusing on New Year’s Resolutions this week. Every year, I say I’m not going to make them and every year I do – I did pretty well last year, all apart from the regular manicures and pedicures bit. My toenails look like my cat painted them.

Here goes:
1. To maintain a good skincare regime
2. To look after my hair and not just ‘let it grow’ (I’m thinking about growing it) but actually consult my beloved Jonny at Lee Stafford before it gets lank and manky
3. To clear out my make up drawer and try new colours
4. To drink shit loads of water (technical)
5. To keep up regular manicures and pedicures

Stagnation is worse than death people, (someone said that, right?) so please for the love of jebus, don’t focus your resolutions on what to give up – how depressing? Starting the year by depriving yourself! – and look at what you can take up, whether it’s just trying a new nail varnish, getting a brilliant haircut or getting a facial every month, start doing something that makes you happy.

Oh yeah,
6. Be Happyhttp://0

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