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New Year, New Hands


New Year, New Hands

Now, just let me get this out.
I am terrified of Madonna Claws.
I genuinely live in holy fear of waking up one day to find that the skin on the backs of my hands has turned into parchment.

Aged hands are almost as bad as an stringy neck or crepey decolletage as far as I’m concerned and so I’m forever trying out new hand cream. Like my lipbalms, I’m never more than six feet away from a tube, I swear.

Right now, I can see my Dove Protective Hand Balm that I keep at my desk for regular touch ups (not greasy, almost gel-like actually, and smells lovely) and my Gloves in a Bottle (slightly more hardcore shielding lotion – I like to larp this on before I face the cold outdoors of an evening

At home, it’s L’Occitane Lavender Hand Cream (my secret grandma shame) which I apply every night, smells Di-Vine and Molton Brown Naran-Ji soothing hand lotion which has an SPF for summer time. There’s also some Soap&Glory Hand Food knocking around somewhere…

Anyhoo, the gist of this is that if you only make one beauty resolution this year, please let it be taking care of your hands. With your hard work and tireless commitment, we can eradicate Madonna Claws by the year 2030.


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